The Oak Crest Law Group has significant experience assisting families pass not only their wealth, but their values to their loved ones. We refer to this process as Values Based Planning.

Experts agree it is important to talk to children about money and wealth, and the family values that should guide the investment and enjoyment of the wealth. We understand the importance of values and incorporate them into your estate panning. Instead of concentrating solely on taxes, money and passing your wealth, we talk with you about your values and opportunities to convey them with your money. Most parents want their children to think about others, and many want to encourage entrepreneurship. Some give their children a small amount of money at a young age, and teach them how to save and invest, give a certain amount to charity and spend wisely. Regardless of your planning, your loved ones will see your values based estate plan as a legacy to them. Plan your legacy today, contact Values Based Planning Attorney Edward R. Cainglit to learn how.